Pet 101: 5 Great Gifts to Give to Your Pet!

Jennifer Michel
Written by Jennifer Michel

Celebrating pet birthdays is a common thing these days. These have become actual things, even party shops sell pet-themed party items! Like paw-printed balloons, doggie party hats, pet-themed signages and pet-themed streamers!

And just like human birthdays, pets also receive gifts from their owner, their owner’s friends and family and so on! But even if your pet won’t know who their gifts are from, it’s still nice to give them something they need and can enjoy.

So make your pet’s birthday party extra special by getting them a great gift! To help you out, down below is a list of awesome pet ideas to give your fur baby!

1. A New Chew Toy!

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Chew toys are a great form of pet toy to give to your dog. This is because they also come with tons of benefits. Not only are chew toys easy to clean but also help with your pet’s dental care. Chew toys help fight gum disease, tar build-up and cavities.

This keeps your fur babies busy when they feel bored. So no more chewed-up shoes when you leave them unattended. Plus these are pretty affordable! Even the most high-standard chew toys come at reasonable or doable rates.

If your pet is picky when it comes to toys, consider getting one that squeaks, bounces or one that’s made out of firm rubber. And make sure to get a toy that’s suited for your pet’s size and age.

2. A Pamper Day!

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Hygiene is essential for all sorts of pets! And what better way to show your dog you care for them than a pamper day! Your pamper day can consist of getting them bathed, getting their hair trimmed, getting their nails trimmed, getting them a bite to eat, letting them run around the park or having them play with other dogs.

Apart from hygiene, keeping them physically active does so much for them! Studies have shown that pets who are physically active and interact with other dogs are less likely to get depression. So constantly keep your dogs active, even just by walking them outside each day.

3. Pet Insurance!


On the practical side of things, getting your pet’s insurance is another great gift to consider. Pet insurance covers various expenses like checkups, medication, surgery, hospitalization, emergency care, exams and so much more.

This doesn’t only keep your dog covered but also protects the people around them. For instance, if your dog bites or injures someone during walks or when people visit your home, insurance can cover their medical and hospital bills.

And if you’re new to the whole insurance thing, try working with an insurance broker. An insurance broker is a trained professional that specializes in insurance and risk. So you can guarantee their advice and suggestions will be great.

Plus insurance brokers work for you, so you’ll know the providers and policies they round up are what they think is best for your needs.

4. A Pet House


Dogs, just like humans, need their own safe space. If you’ve noticed, your dog will have a particular space in your home they ALWAYS go to, when they rest, chew on their toy or even lay when they’re bored.

So officially make it their space by giving them a pet house! Pet houses are usually great since it provides your dog with their own personal space where they can go when they feel anxious or scared.

There are various kinds of pet houses to choose from, some are metal crates with bedding, some are house-shaped cardboard boxes, some are made out of wood and so on. You can even get one that compliments the decoration in your home.

5. A Security Camera

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Another practical gift to consider is a security camera. Your dogs are often left alone when you’re out doing errands, heading off to work, going for a run or even just staying in another room. This leaves you unaware of what and how they’re doing.

So consider installing security cameras around the house or in places and rooms your pet usually stays in. This is to ensure they aren’t eating and chewing something that might get them sick or get them to choke.

Plus this is also a great way to watch over them when you’re away or whenever you miss them!

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