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Photoshop has been in great demand for some years now and there is no denying the fact that it is actually a perfect platform for all image editing needs. Although there are few other software on the market, the importance that this software has is exceptional. Photoshop is one of those programs that you can always discover and you can never have enough. Because there is always something you need to do with the images, this software has many tools and features. If you keep exploring Photoshop for a whole day, you still can not see all the tools, filters, effects and features.

With Photoshop, you keep learning new things and becoming an expert in Photoshop, I’ve put together some tips that will help you be the right one.

Get the latest version

Experimenting with Photoshop is difficult given its innumerable amount of tools. To master this art, the latest software version is required since you can not always sit in the office or in a cybercafe to have it in your hands. If you have your own copy at home, it would be very easy to learn Photoshop. As you already know, there are new features that are always added in CS3 and CS4, so get one of these and simplify your work. Some of the tools that are available in these versions are absent in the previous versions, so I recommend getting the latest version.

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If you are using Photoshop to master it, look for an original copy instead of pirated one. Install it on your laptop or PC, whatever you use the most, and start learning the functions and tools of this wonderful software.

The errors are natural

You can not expect mistakes to not happen while you learn something. And this is quite natural with Photoshop too. Make mistakes, so it is suggested to create a duplicate copy of the original images so as not to ruin that and work on the duplicate image. Any change you make is temporary, since you always have the original image saved.

To start, open the image you want to edit and check how tools, filters, and blending modes work. Continue applying one by one and see the results that each tool changes. Test all layer settings by combining them with other filters. Do not panic if the results look terrible instead of continuing to play with different settings to get the desired results.

Learn from the tutorials

Honestly, the Photoshop tutorials you find on the Internet are really great. Consult the tutorial, as we suppose you want to apply the filters in the image, you will get the same tutorial that will help you achieve the desired effects. A beginner needs instructions to apply the correct effect following the series of steps and that is possible with the help of tutorials.

The best tutorials are available on the website of the digital photography school or in tutsplus where you can learn the techniques with the help of the step-by-step guide. Working with tutorials is a good thing if you learn quickly. Sometimes you do something completely different, as the tutorial says, but do not worry because mistakes are natural.

Read books or Photoshop magazines

There are books and magazines available in the market that teach readers how to apply Photoshop tools and filters, etc. properly. Adobe Photoshop offers subscriptions to users who want to be experts in this software so you can buy it or, otherwise, books are always an option. Are you a book lover? Grab a Photoshop book with basic terminologies and take your knowledge to the next level. Once you have finished with the basic things, you can move to the advanced level where the most advanced techniques are explained.

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