Photoshop opacity shortcuts – everything you need to know

Opacity is an important feature of Adobe Photoshop. Many editions can be easily done simply by changing the opacity of the image. Therefore, this is certain that opacity is of great importance to photo editors.

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There are 6 opacity shortcuts that can make your work super simple. It also helps to accelerate the workflow. If you are someone who is screaming towards pursuing profession as a photo editor or web designer, these shortcuts are something you can not afford to miss.

Shortcut 1- To do this, you have to click to release the slider and then move forward and backward. With each move, the opacity value will increase or decrease by 1 percent at a time. Click the down arrow again to turn off the slider.

Shortcut 2- In this, you must first click on the opacity value and click on the up / down keys of the keyword. This shortcut is used by countless designers, as it is an ideal way to see the difference created on the screen with a small change in Opacity.

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Direct access 3- This technique is known as Nudge Faster. When you are pushing one by one, it can be cumbersome, unless a small adjustment is not necessary. In a case where you want to speed up the process, simply hold down the Shift key while pushing. With increments of 10 at a time, the opacity value can be set.

Direct access 4- Simply giving a numeric value to the opacity will also change the scene on the screen. In this method, you only have to write a unique number such as 1 or 8. If you type 1, the opacity will automatically change to 10%. In the same way, if you type 8, the opacity will go to 80%.

Direct access 5- Like the previous shortcut, that is, writing a single digit can help to change the opacity manually, in an identical way; You can also change it with digits 2. For this, you have to type digits of 2 in rapid succession and the computer will immediately choose the value of the opacity.

Direct access 6- Photoshop is best used with the help of a mouse. If you are using a mouse, the slider will be very useful for you. In this case, you do not have to click on the “Opacity” tab. All you have to do is take the mouse over it and scrub it back and forth on it. With the movement of your finger, the opacity will increase or decrease.

The opacity value is extremely nervous. With a simple movement, the value goes too high or too low. It usually leads to crazy people, especially when you have a lot of work to finish. Therefore, to solve this, you can use the “Alt” key while cleaning to obtain the best control of the values.

Similarly, to speed up the process, you can use the Shift key while cleaning. It will increase the opacity value with 10% increments. Therefore, you can work instantly on your editing projects.

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